Ways To Prevent Slips & Falls In Your Cheltenham Workplace

As an employer, you must take health and safety in the workplace seriously, and the biggest types of accidents that happen in the workplace in the UK are slips, trips, and falls. By doing everything you can to minimise these types of accidents in your workplace, you can ensure the safety of your employees, and there are various ways you can do this. Below are some things you can do as an employer to help prevent slips, trips, and falls in the workplace and minimise the risks to everyone in it.

The Flooring In Your Workplace

You must ensure that you select suitable flooring for your workplace, and there are many factors you must consider when choosing the best flooring for your business. You want to ensure you do not create an echo with your floor or have something too slippery, which can help prevent accidents. An excellent option to consider is safety flooring, which is suitable for commercial and light industrial workplaces and is hard-wearing and durable. Various companies provide safety flooring in Cheltenham, so you can easily find a reputable company to install it or any other type of flooring you prefer for your workplace.


An excellent way to help prevent accidents in the workplace is by keeping on top of the housekeeping of your workplace. You need to ensure that spillages are clearly marked and dealt with as quickly as possible and that the floors are swept and cleaned regularly. Ensure there are no obstacles blocking walkways; if cables cross a walkway, cover them with safety tape, so they are not a trip hazard and can be seen. Dispose of rubbish accordingly and do not let it accumulate. Also, ensure all lights are functioning, and faulty bulbs are replaced, so people can see clearly in the workplace.


Another way to help minimise risks in the workplace is by giving your employees excellent training so they can identify risks and deal with them appropriately. If there is heavy lifting in your workplace, materials handling courses will be required; if there are chemicals, employees will need to take a COSHH course. Training is investing in your employees, and it can help employees do their tasks more efficiently and productively, minimising risks in the workplace. You must also ensure you give your employees refresher courses when appropriate to help reinforce safe practices in the workplace and brush up on their health and safety knowledge.

Have The Correct Equipment

You must ensure that all your employees are wearing the correct attire for your workplace type, which may mean protective equipment and safety boots. You must also ensure that you have the proper equipment to deal with messes and spillages so that you can deal with them promptly. However hard you try, accidents will still happen, so you must have a well-stocked first aid kit and someone trained to administer first aid to anyone injured. You cannot eliminate accidents entirely as they will happen, but with education, awareness, and cleanliness, you can significantly reduce the chance of them occurring.

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