Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

When your energy bills at home are getting increasingly and worryingly high, you should take steps to counter this and improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can do various things that can help you do this, and making a small investment in your home can show you excellent rewards. You can do many of the changes yourself with basic DIY skills, so there is no need to hire expensive professionals, and you can see some options you can consider below to help you get started.

Add More Insulation To Your Loft

An excellent place to start making your home more energy efficient is heading to the loft and looking at the insulation there. It can be worth investing in high-quality loft insulation rolls from workplaceinteriorshop.co.uk that are efficient at retaining heat and preventing as much from escaping your home. The insulation rolls fit snugly between the joists, and it will not take long to do this job, but it can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency.

Replace Your Windows & Doors

Replacing the windows and doors in your home will take a significant investment, but it can also make a massive difference to its temperature. You can install thermally efficient windows with double or triple-glazing that can help retain heat and reduce the draughts in your home. There are many different types of window frames you can use which are thermally efficient, such as:

  • Wooder
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC
  • Composite Materials

Eliminate Draughts

You may also get draughts under the doors of your home, especially when you have wood or other hard flooring materials rather than carpets. These are common with hallway doorways, but you can help prevent these by reducing draughts and making your home feel much warmer. Installing a simple draught excluder to the bottom of the door can make a significant difference to the draughts in your home and make it more comfortable.

Update Your Boiler

Another significant investment you can make in your home that can make it much more energy efficient is purchasing a new state-of-the-art boiler system. Modern units are much more energy efficient than they were ten years ago and can help you save significantly on your heating and hot water costs. You also need to ensure that your boiler is serviced regularly to keep it working in excellent condition and efficiently.

Turn Things Off

You can also make significant savings n your electricity usage when you turn things off, such as lights in rooms that nobody is using. Do not leave electrical items on standby; instead, unplug them from the wall to stop using energy. USB power cables will leak electricity if left plugged in, so ensure they are unplugged when you finish using them.

These are some things that can help make your home more energy efficient, and there are other things you can do to help you reduce your power consumption. Try turning down the heating by one or two degrees, putting on an extra layer of clothes, and washing at night when it is off-peak. You can make a massive difference in how much power your home uses and ensure your energy bills do not get out of control.

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