Unlock The Benefits with an Office Refurbishment in Bristol

Is your office looking a bit tired, been a few years since its last lick of paint or if there is an urgent business need for a change in floorspace layout, it’s time to think about having your office refurbished. From a small renovation to a complete refurbishment, there are many areas in which an interior project can bring improvements to your premises; these can include –

  • Layout/Partitioning
  • Lighting
  • Décor
  • Furniture
  • Washrooms/Kitchen

Finding The Right Supplier

If you’re looking to have an office refurbishment in the Bristol area, the first task to address is to find a quality installation supplier. To do this, use your favourite search engine and find out what companies are available nearby; having made a note of one or two you like the look of, it’s then an excellent idea to check them out using a review or rating website such as Trustpilot or Feefo. Having made your selection of a well-rated installation specialist, it’s then a good idea to investigate what is possible in terms of improvements you could make to your office and the benefits they can bring to you.

Changing Your Floorplan

Most commercial interior specialists use some type of partitioning system to re-design the layout of a business workspace; they traditionally use glass, drywall plasterboard and lightweight metal to create flexible, innovative spaces. Increasing popular is the glass or glazed partition type; using single- or double-glazed laminated safety glass, they can transform any office into a modern, attractive workplace. The most beneficial aspect of the glass partition is the improvement of natural light; many case studies have found this increases employee output and well-being. The drywall partition system is also popular as they are cost-effective, easy to install and have a high level of acoustic protection if privacy and budget are important factors. You could also choose a demountable partition system, a flexible non-permanent system that can move from area to area depending on where you need it.

Improving Your Lighting, Décor and Furniture

Having already mentioned the benefits of improving the natural light, you may not be well situated with many windows. Advancements in LED lighting can rectify this as they can be used in many ways to give the illusion of natural light in a most important, often forgotten area. It is possible to use paint, wallpaper, plastering or vinyl coverings to change to décor of your workplace using the right warm tones or uplifting colours to create just the right effect to impress clients and energise staff. Installed relatively easily at low cost improving your décor is a great option to utilise when looking at your office refurbishment. Also, a key area to consider is your office furniture; continuous ergonomic advancements in furniture design can offer numerous benefits to staff and enhance the office environment.

Check Out Office Refurbishments Today

That’s just some of the areas in your office you could improve with an office refurb, no matter what your budget there are benefits to be gained for both your employees and your order book, look into a workplace refurbishment as soon as possible!

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