Transform your Outdoor Living Space with a Bali Hut

We Australians are very fortunate in that we have a very agreeable climate, with more sunshine hours than most countries, which is perfect for the outdoor lifestyle we all enjoy. Spending so much time in the garden calls for a special ambience, with a comfortable terrace and a few major garden features, and if you would like something a little different, consider installing a Bali Hut.

Natural Beauty

There are specialist Australian companies that make Bali Huts, and their products are of the highest standard, with seasoned timber that is guaranteed not to decay in any way. When looking to buy a Bali Hut, you should investigate the manufacturing process and the materials, as there are a few businesses that try to replicate a Bali Hut by using inferior materials. They are easy to spot, as they are always the cheapest on the market, and if you want a stunning covered area that will stand the test of time, look for a reputable supplier.

Quality Build

When searching for Bali Hut suppliers, pay particular attention to how they are made, and any supplier that offers a 25-year warranty is surely worth an investment. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to sort out the quality companies from those that are replicating a design using sub-standard materials, their warranty and testimonials will reveal all. You should never be price focused when looking at Bali Huts with a view to purchasing, and when you consider that this will be a major feature of your garden, it makes sense to buy a unit that will stand the test of time.


A Bali Hut should be 100% waterproof, with the roof at exactly the right pitch (40°), which keeps the interior cool, and the support posts are critical for durability. The right supplier will treat their timber supports to be extremely durable, and they would guarantee them for a full 25 years. Dressed pine is the best timber, and treated to a H4 level that ensures they are good for around 40 years in the ground. Simply put, the best indicator of quality is the product warranty, and with a 25-year warranty that is fully transferable, you can have peace of mind.

The Rustic Look

There’s something about a Bali Hut that oozes natural beauty, and with a nice bespoke bamboo fence, the look is complete. Using the Bali Hut as the central feature, you can gradually add other rustic features to complete the relaxed beach look that Bali is famous for.

Professional Installation

The supplier would have a team of highly skilled installers who really do know their stuff, and with each component cut to size and numbered, installation is straightforward. You can purchase a Bali Hut and install it yourself, and the DIY kit has full instructions on how to assemble the unit, which would save you some money.

If you would like a stunning Bali Hut in your garden, the best place to start is an online search, and look for a supplier that features on TV often and has a fantastic reputation for quality products.


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