Tips on Preparing for a Move

While it is true that almost no one enjoys the process of moving from one home to another there are steps you can take to make it as stress and problem free as possible. Of course, it will always be a big undertaking whether moving a one-room apartment or a full four-bedroom house however being proactive and approaching it with a positive and organized frame of mind can help even the most moving averse.

It is not necessary to put off a move because you are dreading the process as there are professionals and moving companies who can help you create the perfect moving experience. If you live in the Kootenays there are Nelson movers who are experienced and will shift your belongings in a smooth and enjoyable manner. There are many ways that you can prepare for the big day. Here are some suggestions on where to get started.

  • Survey Your Surroundings

When we have lived in a residence for an extended period of time we tend to accumulate a lot of non-essential stuff. At this point you do not want to sort and purge instead you should just walk through the rooms and try getting an idea about how much work you need to put into going through personal items. Consider whether you plan on donating, recycling or having a garage sale to shift stuff out before the move. Getting rid of stuff before a move is essential.

  • Recycle, Donate and Dump

After having spent a couple of days reacquainting yourself with your belongings it is time to get to work. Decide which room you want to start on and bring in three containers or boxes. Have one for donating, one for garbage and recycling, and one for the items you plan on keeping. Try being honest about whether you really need it in the future or whether you should get rid of it now.

  • Go through the Clothing

Closets are notorious for having in them a large number of items that you have not been touched or worn for years. Whether it be your winter jackets, your summer style collection or your shoes and boots it is smart to go through them before packing them up and moving them unnecessarily. Again make sure you have two categories, keep and donate, and be realistic about whether you will really wear them again. If not, say goodbye.

  • Tackle the Paperwork

For some reason paperwork tends to pile up in corners and on surfaces all over the house and definitely in the office if you have one. Even with so many bills and receipts being available in paperless electronic form somehow it still manages to add up. If you are lucky your paperwork is already organized but if you are not then moving is the perfect time to sift through it and file what is needed and shred and recycle what is not.

  • Buy Boxes and Containers

It is not always easy to know in the beginning how many boxes or plastic containers you need for the whole move but it is good to try and estimate it and then go and buy some. Professional moving boxes are often more convenient as they stack together well. Clear plastic containers are also great as you can use them for storage on the other side. Make sure the boxes are not too big because they will be awkward to shift.

  • Work from Room to Room

While multi-tasking works in many situations you will likely find it easier choosing one job and sticking to it until it is done. Decide which room you can work through the fastest and start there. This gives you some visual progress and makes the move feel like it is off to a positive start. After the first room consider one that is more difficult so you do not leave all the hard parts until the very end when you are already tired of the process.

  • Pack Away Non-Essentials

As the packing of the house progresses you will find there are a lot of things you want to take with you but are not needed on a daily basis. Kitchen appliances, out-of-season gear and most of your wardrobe are not necessary for daily living so box everything that is not essential. Soon you will find the rooms of your home getting emptier and emptier and the end is in sight. Visual progress always boosts moral during a move.



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