The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Oak Furniture in Pristine Condition

If you fancy interior design, classic-modern styles or simply stylish furniture, the chances are that oak furniture is a favourite. Indeed, you are not alone. Oak furniture appeals to many people because it helps to easily throw a chic and rustic style that matches every theme. The furniture is also durable and will help to optimize value for you. This post is a complete guide to help maintain your oak furniture in top condition.

Why Oak Furniture?

Today, oak furniture has become very popular because the trees are plentiful. The furniture is also affordable, durable, and heavy. But most people prefer them because of the beautiful reddish-gold outlook and straight grains. Well, if you match it with a wooden floor, brightly collared walls, and modern chandelier lighting, the living space becomes a paradise.

Oak is preferred for furniture construction because of its durability. Its cells and grains become extra strong when the wood is hardened through drying. This is why reclaimed wood furniture from oak is always in high demand. From dining tables to living room sofas, you can never go wrong with oak.

Select Properly Constructed Oak Furniture

The first step to keeping your oak furniture in top condition is selecting properly constructed pieces. Here, you should consider furniture designed using kiln dried oak for extra strength and durability. Such wood will not easily develop cracks.

The furniture should also be sturdily built. This implies that the frame should be strong and joints firmly done. Ensure to carefully check the furniture to ensure it does not have signs of weakness. You could also ask the wood furniture designer to demystify the design. Only consider the furniture with sturdy construction.

Wax the Oak Furniture Regularly

As you use the furniture on a daily basis, the finish it had when new will start getting off. But the good thing with oak grains and its golden colour is that you can easily preserve them by applying a new layer of wax. Waxing helps to protect the wood from water and ensuring that its lovely appeal is retained.

  • Start by dusting off the wood furniture and allowing it to dry.
  • Apply the wax using a piece of cloth or fine brush. Make sure to run the brush in one direction to avoid the development of air pockets.
  • Wait for about five minutes and apply another layer of wax. Keep adding more layers until the sheen you want becomes evident.

Avoid Placing Hot Items on the Oak Furniture

Though oak furniture is strong and durable, the lovely appeal can easily be damaged by hot objects. If it is a dining table or a cupboard, placing hot cooking pots or plates with hot food could cause ring marks.  The marks are very difficult to remove and could ultimately damage your expensive oak furniture. If you must place hot items such as teacups, food plates, and serving bowls, ensure to use protective mats.

It is also crucial to try and keep your wood furniture away from hot facilities such as fireplace, air conditioning units, and heaters. Even when the furniture has to be used close to such facilities, ensure to place it at a safe distance and provide ample ventilation.

Clean the Oak Furniture Regularly

Because oak wood is made of plant cells, they can easily absorb moisture, colours, and dirt that cause stains. Therefore, it is prudent to dust and clean the furniture regularly. To clean the furniture, make sure to use a soft piece of cloth dipped in clean water. If possible use distilled water. Then, wipe the dirt off and leave the furniture to dry. If food or collared beverages fall on the furniture surface, make sure to wipe it immediately.

The Final Take

Oak furniture provides homeowners with one of the best chances of making their homes stylish and irresistible. To maintain the furniture in pristine condition, the above guide is all you need. If you want more from your wood furniture, make sure to treat it well.  

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