Replacing Your Patio Doors?

Are you planning a house extension? Or maybe just thinking about replacing your existing patio doors or windows, if please read on for information on a modern aesthetically pleasing option, which is bi-folding doors. They are a reliable home improvement that can add value to your property, come in a range of different styles and options, and create flexible living spaces.

How Do They Work?

Bi-folding doors, also known as bifold doors for short, work by sliding and folding sideways into their doorframe, opening up the living area while not taking up very much space. They can comprise multiple sections depending on the size of the room they are being installed. When opening the bifold doors, you hold the main door (often called the traffic door) and slide it across the frame folding the sections as you go until reaching the far end of framing.

Are There Different Options Available?

Bifold doors can be manufactured from Timber, uPVC, or Aluminium, depending on your taste and budget. You can have windows made from any number of coloured glazing options customised to your liking. There is also the possibility of having internal blinds, shutters, shades, or curtains installed in your bifold doors, and they are fitted in the gap between the double-glazed sheets of glass.

Where Do They Work Best?

Bifold doors are flexible, and you can install them both internally and externally. It is most common to see them used externally in areas that face away from the street, opening onto private spaces such as gardens, and popular uses include:

  • Home extensions
  • Garden rooms
  • Summer houses
  • Balconies
  • Pool rooms

Used internally, they can also be used in open-plan kitchens/diners, sunrooms, or conservatories, allowing natural light to filter through your home for excellent effect.

Things To Consider

When looking at bifold doors, it is essential to look at both the pros and cons of installing this type of door, and you must consider the configuration of your space when designing any home improvement using bi-fold doors. Another possible worry that needs assessing is security and having a large amount of glass making an external border of your property could be a problem. It’s also worthwhile making sure the doors you choose have a good standard of locking mechanisms. Think about your privacy, and if your bifold doors are positioned poorly, it could result in a loss of privacy. Still, as mentioned previously, internal blinds or shutters could alleviate this issue.

Are There Any Downsides?

In specific circumstances such as large rooms, choosing bifold doors can be expensive to install, and large doors can also take up a lot of space, so you should factor this in when looking at your floor plan. Excess water can also be an issue if doors are installed on a low level without adequate drainage. It’s therefore essential to make sure you have a reliable installer who might spot any problem like this.

I hope you’re a little better equipped to understand what bifold doors are about and what to look for, so you can find your local supplier and take a look today!

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