Replacing Your Front Door

As the main entrance to your property, the front door forms an important part of the overall aesthetic look of your home, first impressions are significant, and the right door will be able to define your style. It is not something you have to approach very often as they are one of the longer-lasting fixtures in your property but once in a while, you will conclude that it is time to do this. Depending on your budget and design choices, many options are open to you.

Options Available to You

There are several factors to consider when choosing a front door; most would want a combination of good looks with a high level of security. There are also things like window glass and optional extras such as peepholes, letterbox baskets, etc., door chains. Today front doors are manufactured in three primary materials which are –

  • UPVC – At the lower end of the cost spectrum, it has fewer design possibilities and does have a shorter lifespan than other materials.
  • Timber – a traditional choice, it is considered the most aesthetically pleasing option and, when paired with a modern, high-quality lock, is very secure.
  • Composite – a mixture of materials such as wood, metals, insulating foams and plastics, it has the highest level of security but is also durable.

This last option on this list is often the choice when the budget is not a constraint and is usually the choice material when a bespoke service is available. Bespoke doors are the pinnacle of quality when replacing your front door as they offer a wealth of luxury design options to compliment your home.

Finding A Great Supplier

It can be challenging to know what installation company to use to replace your doors, but I can advise you on several steps to increase your chances of finding a superb option. Start with an internet search using your favoured search engine type in ‘bespoke doors Oxfordshire’ or something similar. The search will produce a host of businesses; it is vital to remember that just because a company sits at the top of the list does not mean it is the best. Take some time to peruse some websites, draw up a list and use websites such as Feefo and Trustpilot to give you more information on how well they are rated.

Getting Your Quotes

Start contacting some of your chosen installation companies; first contact is often a great indicator of how professional they are; discount them from your list if you are not getting a good feeling. All great suppliers of front doors should offer you an initial design process, possibly using computer-aided design programmes to show you how the door might look once installed. Following the design, ask about the installation and any aftercare they may offer; the best companies should give you a good feeling about spending your money with them. Progress to requesting quotations, always source at least four or five as the costs may differ, you may also be able to further negotiate the price downwards to your benefit.

All you then have left to do is decide. Hopefully, this short article has equipped you to make a better-informed decision on choosing your new front door.

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