Refit or Refurbish – Updating your Kitchen in 2019

Updating your kitchen is essential, you may want to remodel your kitchen because the space no longer works for you or simply because you want to change. Once you have decided to make changes to your kitchen it is important that you have exactly what you want in mind. You will also need to make a decision on how far this goes, will you do a full refit to your kitchen or simply refurbish your kitchen.

Work with Experts
To transform your kitchen hire kitchen refurbishment experts who will work with you to ensure your idea turns into a reality. Many homeowners have taken to make various changes in their kitchens with many designs and styles seeing their way out as other modern ones finding their way in. It’s time to experiment, see how different designs work for you – view refurbished kitchens.

Replace Kitchen Doors
Replacing kitchen doors is a creative way of bringing change into your kitchen without having to replace the whole kitchen. Your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers may be in perfect conditions, but their doors are chipped or simply look old, changing these doors together with the hinges and handles will bring a brand-new outlook to your kitchen. It is also cheaper.

Updating your Worktop
Granite, marble, and ceramics are some of the most sort after worktop materials they will help completely transform your kitchen, giving it life, however, they can be a bit expensive. An alternative these materials you can update your worktop by applying a laminated cover over your current worktop. It is a cost-effective way of modernizing your worktop.

Quartz Overlay
Want to bring about a luxurious look and feel to your kitchen; quartz overlay on kitchen surfaces is a great and effective way to do it. There is a wide range of style of quartz to meet your taste and budget. Besides giving your kitchen a luxurious look, they are also durable.

Kitchen Islands
Kitchen islands have been thought of as a luxury in the past but recently, they have become essential in the kitchen. Modern kitchen design is eliminating the wall cabinets, kitchen islands are doubling up as a storage solution with cabinet fittings and also is a dining or drinking bar. The kitchen island’s design should be able to make an impact with a statement-making design, if your kitchen does not have an island, you should consider having one put up. Where space is an issue, they have been extended to the living room. This way the island is multi-functional and does not clutter the space.

Kitchen Flooring
For a long time, hardwood flooring has been the ideal for kitchen flooring, up to this point hardwood flooring is still popular, however, ceramic flooring is gaining more attention. Ceramic flooring offers you a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. You can still maintain the hardwood look with ceramic floors. Ceramics have been designed to resemble various materials such as natural stone among others. Ceramic flooring in the kitchen is a great way to update the outlook of your kitchen and besides it is easier to maintain.

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