Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

There comes a time after living with the same decor for a while, that you feel the need to refresh and update your interiors. Whether it’s your bedroom, the living room or even the kitchen, we all go through a moment of realisation that things could look and feel better. For many people, budgets can be held back and prevent from making any progress, but there are some great ways to refresh your home without breaking the bank!

Invest in New Bedding

As the centrepiece of the bedroom, the bed needs to look good and stand proud. If you feel as though your bedding is starting to look tired and worn, then now is the perfect time to invest in some new, stylish bedding that will bring the room to life. Updating your bedding will really make a difference to the way your room looks, as well as how good your night’s sleep is too. Not only will the bedding itself look great when changed, but this gives you the opportunity to invest in some beautiful new throws and cushions, like these from Amara, to dress the bed and create a bold focal point within the room.

Switch Up the Hardware

You’d be surprised just how much changing your hardware in the kitchen can make a difference to the overall look of the room. Door handles pulls and even faucets are all features that draw the room together perfectly and create a streamlined aesthetic. With trendy brass handles now available with matching faucets, you can run with your ideas and transform your kitchen into a stylish new space. This range at Buster & Punch offers a wide selection of handles, pull bars and knobs for you to choose from, giving you the option to mix and match with your kitchens decor.

Create a Statement Wall

The moment you enter a room there is a certain feature that will catch your eye, so creating a statement wall is a really great idea to add character to a room. Statement walls are perfect for injecting a splash of colour to the decor, without changing the whole rooms decor. There are a few ways in which you can make a statement wall, from wallpapered designs to paint, whichever is most practical for your home. There are some bold wallpaper patterns over at Dunelm, with a selection suitable for children’s room and the rest of the home.

Add Photos to the Walls

Introducing photographs to a room is a lovely way of putting your own personal stamp on the decor. There are so many ways in which you can display photos on your walls, from scattered sizes in a collage style, to a neat selection of matching frames that help to fill an empty space. Photographs work perfectly in any room within the home, so this simple change is often a great decision for enhancing the room.

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