Leaks and Potential Leaks, Assess Them Prior To Market

Many a person has, been found face in palm cursing themselves because the failed sale of their property could have been easily avoided, if they’d have just spend a few quid and taken a little longer to consider the consequences of not employing property specialists to make sure there were no, unwanted turn offs;

Assess your roof

Roof Shingles, tiles, and ridge caps on your home’s roof should be free of damaged or missing shingles, tiles, and ridge caps, since these components safeguard your property from water damage. If you have a flat roof, then you’ll definitely want a roofing contractor in Southampton, they will repair any damaged pieces as soon as possible. They can also check that it is leak free as well as checking the protective, materials that sit under the finishing features.

Internal walls and partitions

If you’ve had a leak then you’ll also want to employ a builder to come and make good and areas of plasterboard, wood work or brick that may have been exposed to water ingress. If the area is evident then they will probably require you to go through a ‘drying out’ process before they get stuck in.

Drainage systems

Upon inspection, your chosen roofing contractor may comment on your drainage system, it might even be the cause of a historic leak, or even, one waiting to happen. All water should drain away from your property or dissipate it in a way that prevents pooling, either on your roof or, on the ground.

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