How to Start Cleaning up Big Piles of Junk in Your Property

If your home has started to become a dumping site for your stuff, you need to do something about it before the condition becomes too much for you to handle. Almost every home has its designated storage area; it could be a spare bedroom, the basement, or the garage. If you are the kind of person who loves buying lots of stuff but hates to let go of the remaining items, you have a big problem that you need to address right away.

Sometimes clutter build-up can start unintentionally. It could start with one box of Christmas decorations until you slowly add several more boxes of your stuff over time. Sooner or later, you will become conscious that things have piled up, barely leaving you with enough space to move around. If your living conditions reach this point, you have no choice but to start decluttering. Here are some tips to make the task of cleaning a lot easier.

Seek help from professionals

If you are about to deal with a large pile of stuff that you need to get rid of, you need to seek the help of companies that offer junk removal services. They have people who are trained to haul heavy stuff like old furniture, used clothing and piles of junk. The process of decluttering your entire place can be very tiring and overwhelming. Doing it on your own will lessen your chances of completing the task successfully.

Find time to declutter

If you are dead serious about transforming your place, you need to stop making excuses and take time to declutter. Working a full-time job can be very tiring, but you have your days off that you can allocate for cleaning up your space. Mark your calendar and create a decluttering schedule that works for you. If you have a lot of places to cover, you can start by cleaning one or two rooms per day so things will be more manageable.

Prepare your cleaning supplies

You want to make sure that you do not just get rid of the junk inside your home. Deep cleaning and sanitizing the area is also a must, especially if the place is full of dust and dirt. Prepare your trash bags, soap, bleach, broom, mop, and pail before the start of the cleaning session. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to remove superficial dust and dirt, which can help decrease your cleaning time by half.

Start sorting your stuff

Prepare three large boxes before sorting your stuff. One box is for the things that you want to keep, while the remaining two should be the things that are for donation and the ones that you need to throw away. You may feel sentimental about letting go of the things that you own, but you have to understand that it is also essential to put your home in order.

Remember to look at the progress that you have made for you to stay motivated in decluttering.


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