How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Before you put your home on the market, there are a few things you can do to ensure a quick sale. From staging to cleaning, the list below can help you get your home ready for buyers.

Repair Everything

The handyman can be your best friend when trying to sell you home. He or she can fix dripping faucets, wobbling ceiling fans, and squeaky doors. If you need drywall repair Casper, door hardware needs to be replaced, or a loose patio rail needs tightening, call in a handyman for help.

Deep Clean

You only have one chance to impress a possible buyer, so make sure your home has been cleaned thoroughly and deeply. While most consumers look at the surface of objects and ponder the floor plan, there are potential buyers that look for dust and debris to see how well the house has been kept up.

Update Lighting

Few things can sell a home faster than the reflected light of a well-lit home. Clean the windows to let in the light and open the curtains or shades. Also, take time to update the old lighting fixtures and make sure that every light in the house is on before you have a showing.

Clean Clutter

Depersonalize your living space so that buyers can see the possibilities of their furniture in the space and their children running through the rooms. While your personal items may be important to you, they mean nothing to the people looking for their own home. Remove the trinkets, ornaments, and bric-a-brac for a quick sale.

Set the Stage

When you are selling a home, it becomes a stage – filling the dreams of another family or buyer. Make sure the outside of your home is clean, it has a great curb appeal, and the traffic flow is perfect. Remove excess furniture to give the rooms an open feeling, and add flowers, fruit, or fresh baked cookies for a welcoming touch.

New Paint

Nothing can make your home sparkle like new paint on the walls. Choosing neutral colors can help buyers accept the rooms more easily than looking at red walls, purple accents, of black baseboards. Lighter colored walls can also make an area appear larger and more open – which is always a good thing.

Once your home has been painted, cleaned, and decluttered, you can be assured it is ready for the critical eye of almost any buyer. Open your curtains, turn on your lights, and welcome the potential buyers into their new home.

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