How City Gardeners can Make the Most of Balconies

Having a city apartment comes with so many benefits, but for many people, the only struggle is knowing how to design the small garden space to really utilise it to it’s fullest. Container gardens, also known as city gardens, are often much smaller spaces and therefore take a little more time to plan and design. From hanging baskets to mini-greenhouses, there are some great ways to transform your city garden and create your own mini oasis in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

Add Containers

By adding containers to your garden you can grow plants without having to worry about not having your own flower beds or soil patches. Containers are ideal for growing your favourite plants neatly and efficiently, keeping them displayed in a stylish way. The most popular style of containers is produced from old wine crates or palettes, as these really add to the overall look of the garden once put into place. Be sure to add a pop of colour to your containers by planting colourful flowers that will enhance your outdoor space beautifully.

Soft Lighting

Alongside the magical glow of the city lights, having your own ambient lighting within your garden will help to create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. Garden lighting comes in all shapes, styles and sizes, but for a city garden, you should focus on the softer lighting options. Fairy lights are a great option for adding a cosy feel to your outdoor areas, both cheap to use and easy to hang from existing garden features. Introducing flower string lights like the ones available at Two Wests would instantly add a touch of magic to your garden and make the whole space feel inviting.

Plant Upwards

Introducing climbing plants to your city garden will instantly make space feel larger and really enable you to utilise the space you have. The best place to position your climbing plants is next to a wall, as this makes the perfect support for your plants. To prevent your plants from wrapping and tangling amongst themselves, you should look at adding external wires which can be found on Amazon to keep the plants in place.

Mini Greenhouses

You may have a smaller garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your gardening passion into action. Mini greenhouses are perfect for smaller spaces, as you can still get the effect of a traditional greenhouse without taking up lots of space. Simple to install and very easy to use, a mini-greenhouse opens you up to a whole new style of city gardening. You can now grow your own herbs, veggies and plants and enjoy your gardening hobby. Be sure to protect your greenhouse from the weather, coating it in weatherproof paint and protecting the glass or mesh when the weather is particularly bad!

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