Granny Flats – Make Some Extra Income & More with These Useful Structures

Many people ask themselves is a granny flat a good investment. If you want to make additional income or bring more living space to your property, they definitely are a good idea. A granny flat is basically a compact dwelling that is fully functional. It can be placed on your own property or on an investment property. If you are interested in their benefits, continue to read this article to find out more.

Additional Revenue

Although it costs money to invest in a granny flat, it offers an excellent return on investment. Contractors who specialise in renovations and granny flat construction see a lot more people building these structures to bring in another revenue stream. If you have always thought you lived in an excellent location, why not make the most of it and bring in some extra cash. You could also rent your main house and move into your granny flat depending on your situation.

If you have an investment property, adding a granny flat is a great way to maximise profits.

Home Office

We all get sick of the daily commute, stuck in traffic every day or waiting for the crowded train to arrive at the station, so you can cram yourself in like a sardine on your way to work. If you have the option to work mobile, why not built a granny flat that acts as a home office? You will save money on travel and getting to the office will be no longer a stressful experience.

Extra Bedroom

Are you struggling to find space in your home when family members or friends visit? There is no longer a need to worry about space when you have installed a granny flat on your property. An expert builder can create a modern bedroom and living quarters that is perfect for guests staying at your home.

Keep Family Close

If you have family coming back from university for the summer or elderly parents you would like to keep close, a granny flat is the perfect solution. An expert can guide you through the entire process and provide practical accommodation that suits your specific needs.

Aside from bringing in an additional revenue stream, granny flats are useful for many other things. They can be used to house family and friends when they visit, or they can act as accommodation for your parents, extended family, or teenagers. Your guests will be blown away by a custom-made granny flat that has multiple purposes.

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