Do These Five Things to Protect Your Plumbing

You may take your plumbing system as a given if you’re like most people. Although you expect water to flow from the faucet every time, it may not always be true. If you don’t notice plumbing problems quickly, they can cause other problems. These five tips can help you avoid plumbing problems.

1. Insulate your pipes

Insulating your pipes can be a smart decision if you want to save money and prevent potential problems. Pipe insulation is a good option to prevent pipes from cracking or freezing in cold environments. Florida’s weather is rarely cold enough to allow this to happen. Florida is blessed with plenty of humidity. Insulating your pipes can reduce condensation and help prevent humid conditions in your home.

Eliminating moisture prevents mold from growing. Mold causes a stuffy nose and sore throat in most people. However, in rare cases people may experience severe reactions and need to be admitted to the hospital.

2. Install leak detectors

Leakage can occur at any time, and can cause more damage than you realize. One inch of water can cause water damage that can reach up to $25,000 Installing leak detectors can help you protect your home and your budget from unanticipated leaks. Leak detectors can even send you alerts via your smartphone so you are notified immediately.

3. Install water hammer arrestors

Installing a water hammer stopper might be the solution if you hear a clicking sound after appliances are turned off. Appliances that shut off water too quickly can cause water to return to the valve and make this sound. This is more than a nuisance. It can cause serious damage to your plumbing system.

4. Install a water softener

Installing a water softener can make your home more appealing if you live in an area that has hard water. Hard water is made up of calcium and other minerals, which can cause low water pressure, corrosion, and damage to plumbing fixtures. Water softeners remove minerals from water and provide cleaner, more flavorful water.

5. Add an anti-sweat valve to your toilet’s water supply line

Many people notice water dripping from the toilet onto the floor during Florida’s humid summers. The hot air from your home comes in contact with the cool water in the toilet. To prevent sweating, install an anti-sweat device.

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