Architectural Design; The Beauty Is in The Detail, Apparently

If you live in Dudley and this is the first time you’ve even considered using an architect for any kind of property design expertise, then you will be glad to know that you quite literally have options coming out of your ears, however, you get what you pay for so, take your time and choose wisely;

Go with a reputable firm

Computers are great, although, there are some downsides, one of which is that anybody which access to certain design software could, if they wanted to, work online, call themselves a professional and…take your money. You might even be presented with a generic set of plans that have already been used for other builds, several times over.

Ensure they ask you

Ideally, you want a local architect with at least a decade of experience which includes modelling and 3D rendering. Somebody that’s had to move with the time, that way, they’ll have experience in architectural design around Dudley before 3D modelling came into play, and they’ll be able to look at projects from different angles.

If they are worth their weight then they should ask you for floor plans, including the dimensions, materials and any special specifications, only then can they provide you with what you need which should include a 3D modelling service for your project, day or night lighting, application of materials to the scene ambience, furniture and decoration and post production, editing of the image in Photoshop, (all according to your specifications).

All in all, make sure you get some recommendations and then, a face to face to chew it over.

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