6 Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Walls

Dorm living is challenging, especially for those who used to live with their family before moving out of college. You might end up being lonely, and it takes quite a while before you can fully adjust to your new life. To make things easier, decorate your wall in such a way that it will exude positive energy and won’t make you miss home. Read on and learn from the tips we’ll share.

  1. Pick the Right Color

When it comes to decorating your dorm room, especially the walls, color is the most important consideration. It makes or breaks not only aesthetics but also the mood in the room. Start by creating a mood board. Consider the vibe that you want for the dorm. Think of your personal favorites. Choose a color that you love so that you will instantly feel good when you look at it. If possible, opt for bright colors that bring in energy. Dark colors can make the room feel lonely.

  1. Personalize the Design

There are many ways to incorporate a personalized touch in your walls. For instance, you can make a collage using your photos, mementos, and even formal college graduation announcements from Shutterfly. Rather than buying a wallpaper, you can also create one on your own using paint and stencils.

  1. Show off Your Interests

Speaking of personalizing your dorm wall, take this as an opportunity to show off your interests. For instance, if you love movies, you can adorn the wall with movie posters. For those who like art, you can showcase a framed wall art that also serves as a focal piece in the room. Whether it is wall art, prints, or posters, among others, check out Shutterfly.comfor the best choices.

  1. Light It Up

There are several ways to light up the walls. One of the easiest is to simply hang fairy lights, which is perfect if you want the dorm to look and feel magical. It is a good way to create a dreamy space. You can even clip Polaroid shots or photo prints in the hanging fairy lights. Alternatively, you can also add lighting wall art, which will give the dorm more character.

  1. Create a Photo Mural

Another easy way to take your wall to the next level is to create a photo mural. This is also perfect for those who want a sentimental piece in their living space. Choose photos of family and friends so that you won’t feel lonely living in a dorm.

  1. Use Washi Tapes

Washi tape makes a great material for adding life to boring walls in your dorm. You don’t need to be an artist to use it. You just need to have a bit of creativity. There are many ways to decorate with washi tape, including making your own wall art. Whether it is a text or geometric patterns, among others, it easily gives the wall more character.

A boring dorm room makes college living more difficult and lonelier. Take note of our suggestions above to spice up your walls and give your dorm a unique character.

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