4 Tips For Decorating a Large Living Room

Decorating any space takes a certain amount of strategy and striking the right balance. However, decorating a large space comes with its unique challenges. The abundance of space may seem initially intimidating, however, if you can manage to transform that intimidation into possibility, you’ve got a real decorating adventure on your hands. 

With careful planning and a thoughtful approach, you can create an inviting atmosphere that feels cohesive and cozy. If you’ve recently moved into a big home and you’re at a loss for how to decorate your huge new space, here are some of the best tips for bringing a spacious living room to life.

Define Zones

In the world of decorating, there are certain areas of the house known as “functional” zones. You can break down large areas by deciding where you’ll actually be occupying the space. For example, where do you plan to do most of your sitting? Where will the television go? Which areas will you use for specific activities, like perhaps a children’s reading nook, or even a pool table? 

Break these zones up, and define them. Outside of these “functional”  zones are known as (you guessed it) “nonfunctional” zones, and are more of a space to be filled rather than occupied. 

These zones can be full of things like a plant or an area rug. Since they don’t serve much purpose, you simply need to strategically fill them in so they’re visually appealing.

Be Bold

When decorating a large space, it’s time to be bold. Filling up a large space with mediocre pieces isn’t going to make a statement. Choose statement pieces that will shape the overall aesthetic of your house. You want a few pieces that serve as focal points. Whether it’s your couch, or a stylish coffee table, you want something that draws attention and serves as a focal anchor point. This will create a sense of balance as everything will be shaped around this main statement.

Add Textures

Large living rooms provide plenty of opportunities to experiment with different textures. Part of creating a cozy atmosphere means adding things like fuzzy blankets or shaggy rugs. Layering these different types of textures will create more depth, not to mention this makes your living more inviting to relax in.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Before you focus solely on overhead lighting, remember that this isn’t always ideal. Overhead lighting is more of a functional form of illuminating a space and isn’t necessarily cozy. Focus on adding warm pockets of light throughout your living space like floor lamps, or even candles. 

You could even try adding some accent lighting like a sunset lamp hidden behind a plant or shelf to give off a warm glow. The nice thing about lamps is they allow you to adjust the intensity and temperature of your lights depending on the mood or occasion.

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