4 Property Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself

The range of perils that come with the prospect of trying to fix something you’re not qualified for includes everything from getting stuck in your chimney – making a fool of yourself for everyone to see, to suffering an electrocution and visiting the choir invisible immediately after.

Seriously, things can get quite grim quite fast if you’re not careful!

Ever tried fixing your pipes and then ended up flooding the entire neighborhood? Or puttered about with your local electrical box of wonders and now an entire block has blacked out?

You’d think the angry mobs with pitchforks and torches were a thing of the past! But here’s the guy next door hurling a brick wrapped in newspaper that when you open the whole thing it says ‘Death to ___ insert your respectable name here ___! You’re incompetent AND stupid – don’t touch the wires again mothe@</”#%!    @$%^ #%^!’

It can get quite tough – especially if it’s Super Bowl season. So, in order to ensure yours and the safety of people around you, what you want to do is NOT fix some of the following household problems.

Here’s the list.

4 Property Problems You Should Not Fix Yourself

1) Roofing Issues

Falling off a roof can be irritating enough.

But imagine falling off a roof having failed to fix what you set out to fix in the first place. Well, that’s if you’re clumsy. Most people do have the motoric skills to find their way around a roof.

That said, you may not have the proper tools or materials to adequately tackle the issues at hand, so when it comes to roofing problems – you may be better off hiring some contractors to help you out.

2) Gas Appliance Problems

Gas-based cooking and other appliances are relatively easy and inexpensive to use, but they also represent a potential hazard if they break down.

If you start seeing your gas cooker starts acting up or notice weird smell in your kitchen, call the serviceman for that particular product immediately.

Don’t try to figure it out yourself because you can end up engulfed with flames like that girl from Der Struwwelpeter.

3) Fire Duct Installation

When it comes to fitting complex safety systems in your house, the last thing you want to do is have a stab at it yourself.

Unless you happen to be in that particular profession, never try mimicking what you’ve seen the pros do in a video and hope for the best.

A fire duct network by ThorDuct represent a complex anti-fire structure and needs to be installed very carefully, indeed. Always call in the professionals when fire ducts are in question.

4) Electrical Issues

Electrocution, blackouts, not being able to watch your favorite show AND getting electrocuted – all decidedly negative prospects that no one in their right mind should venture to bring upon themselves. Unless you’re an electrician, of course.

As with any potentially deadly thing or process in your house, the electrical circuits are better left alone to the professionals in case you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Heck, paying someone else to do it for ya may not only fix the problem, but keep you alive and well, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the newly-repaired electrical circuit!

All things considered, there are some things around your household that just shouldn’t be tampered with unless you’re absolutely positively 100% sure what you’re doing. (Especially if the repair can turn deadly easily or somehow create a disproportionate mess to what you were trying to fix.) Remember, spending a couple of bucks doesn’t mean you’re incompetent – you can watch the pros and slowly learn the trade yourself!

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