3 Ways To More Effectively Store Your Clothes Within Your Closet

If you’re someone who’s lucky enough to have large closets within their home so that clothing storage isn’t something that you have an issue with, you might not even worry about how you’re storing your clothes in your closet. But if you have a small closet or a clothes closet that you’re trying to fit a lot of extra items into, making effective use of your space is probably a top priority.

For those who want their closets to be a little better managed, here are three ways you can more effectively store your clothes within your closet. 

Know Which Items To Stack, Roll, And Hang

Ideally, you should have space in a closet where you can roll, stack, and hang up certain items. But to make the best use of your space, it’s important to know which items should best be stored in which way.

As a good rule of thumb, garments like pajamas, workout clothes, and all kinds of t-shirts can be stored rolled up. For items that have a little more bulk and take up too much space when rolled, like sweaters and denim pants, folding those items into neat piles is usually your best bet. And for clothing that is either very sturdy or extremely delicate, you should probably hang those clothes up so as to protect them or protect your other clothing from them. 

Make Use Of The Top Shelves

Unless you’re naturally tall, you likely aren’t using the top shelves of your closet to their maximum potential. But if your goal is to make the best use of space in your closet, you’re going to want to take advantage of this available space.

To help you with this, you should get a step stool or other ladder-type item that is dedicated to being in or near your closet. This way, you can have easy access to the top shelves of your closet without having to jump, reach, or remember to bring in something to stand on anytime you want to get clothes that are stored up there. 

Properly Categorize Your Clothes

For many people, the issue with managing their closet comes down to keeping things organized so clothes don’t wind up spilling out everywhere. 

In your efforts to stay organized, you should try categorizing your clothes and then storing them within those categories in your closet. For example, try to keep all of your casual clothes together and all of your professional clothes together. Not only can this help you better manage your clothes, but it can also help to make it easier for you to find things that you’re looking for and put things back into your closet correctly. 

If you’re needing to get better at storing your clothes in your closet, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to better use all of your available space. 

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