3 Things To Look For In Furniture Meant For Use By Senior Citizens

While everyone wants to furnish their home with furniture and other fixtures that look great and are comfortable, if you’re helping to furnish a home for an elderly loved one, be it a new apartment that they’re moving into or a senior living facility that will now be their home, there are other things that you’ll want to make sure this furniture has aside from just looking good. 

To help ensure that you pick the right pieces together, here are three things to look for in furniture meant for use by senior citizens in their homes. 

Work With The Right Heights

When getting furniture for an elderly loved one, one of the biggest things that you should consider is the height of the furniture. 

For many elderly people, it can be hard on their body to have to bend or squat down too low. Especially if they’re having problems with balance, having to sit down on a chair that’s lower to the floor can be dangerous for them. Additionally, getting up from a seat that’s down too low can also be challenging. Knowing this, you should seek to get a chair that sits a bit higher. This usually will mean the seat is about 18 or 19 inches high. This way, your elderly loved one will easily be able to sit down and stand up while still being comfortable in their seat. 

Keep Shapes Sleek

It’s not only how the furniture will be utilized that you should consider when picking pieces. You’ll also want to consider how the furniture will fit in their space and make it easy for them to move around without being an obstruction. 

Ideally, you should encourage your elderly loved one to choose furniture pieces that have sleek shapes. This way, there won’t be ornate pieces that jut out and could potentially hurt your loved one as they move around their space. 

Choose Something Durable

Another thing you should consider when getting furniture to use in the home of an elderly loved one is the durability of the piece. Especially if the furniture is upholstered, you’ll want to make sure that the material is easy to clean in the event that something gets spilled. And if you think that your loved one could end up having to move this furniture again in the near future, you’ll want to choose pieces that will be easy to move but that will also be able to withstand the stress of a move as well. 

If you’re going to be helping your elderly loved one to choose new furniture to use in their living space, consider using the tips mentioned above to choose the right types of furniture to help them live a safe and comfortable life. 

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